Our Voice Training Courses

Don’t miss this practical and interactive workshop aimed at giving professional voice users mastery of Estill Voice Training™ techniques.

Estill Voice Workshop 2013 - Voice training courses emphasising singing and speaking individually and as a group to reinforce technical ideas and vocal mastery.

The emphasis from the start with our voice training courses will be on singing and speaking individually and as a group to reinforce technical ideas. Classical, Contemporary Musical Theatre singing styles will be studied, as well as the spoken Tuition will be via masterclass, small group lessons and ensemble Each participant will receive individual feedback and monitoring to that all concepts are understood and applied correctly, and will learn techniques that will set them up for a career of safe voice work.

Vocal Mastery with our Voice Training Courses

  • Learn differentiated voluntary control of the discrete structures the vocal tract to enable a variety of vocal qualities
  • Experience safe big-voicing techniques
  • Technical problem-solving is made easy
  • Practical application of all techniques daily
  • Masterclass opportunity on the final day

LEVEL ONE - Figures for Voice Control ™

Participants will be given a practical grounding in vocal technique and vocal anatomy and physiology that will allow them to approach any vocal task with confidence and skill. Figures for Voice Control™ teaches differentiated voluntary control of specific parts of the vocal mechanism and an in-depth understanding of vocal function.

LEVEL TWO - Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities ™

Participants will develop mastery of vocal qualities including Speech, Falsetto, Sob, Twang, Opera and Belting. Application to the singing and speaking voice will be practised. Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities™ will provide a toolkit of options for vocal versatility and the ability to hone vocal troubleshooting skills.

Jenny Caire and Naomi Eyers, voice teachers / vocal trainers Vocal training/vocal coaching with Naomi Eyers Vocal skills and voice training with Naomi Eyers Vocal health and vocal technique training with Naomi Eyers. Voice training for vocal versatility with Naomi Eyers Speech Therapists at Estill Vocal Training in Hong Kong by Naomi Eyers