Private Voice Coaching

The Essential Voice Studio is home to our 1 on 1 private voice coaching and vocal teaching programme, helping students achieve their personal vocal goals. Regardless of skill and experience levels, Essential Voice can assist students with both artistry and craft-related vocal goals. From beginners to seasoned professionals, the Essential Voice team can help tweak, train and tune voices of all kinds to ensure that they can be used safely in any environment. Our Studio is much more than simply workshops in the Estill Model – we aim to help you better understand and develop your voice in a way that is appropriate to your needs.

Beyond our extensive 1 on 1 teaching, the Essential Voice Studio offers small group training sessions to help students who are looking to further develop and practice their application of Estill figures, and even for those more focused on the Estill certification pathway. While the group environment brings new and different challenges to vocal training, especially for singers who more often sing alone, it provides a great collaborative experience where singers from all abilities and experiences can bring together their knowledge.

The Essential Voice Studio is always growing and developing, bringing new technologies and methodologies to help improve our teaching and learning environment. Be sure to visit us soon to find out the latest developments at the Studio, and book a time to come and see us in person!

"Everyone has a beautiful voice
You just have to know how to use it"

– J O   E S T I L L


Expert Voice Training & Vocal Coaching for professional singers, actors, keynote speakers, classroom teachers and for public speaking. Voice tuition for individuals, small groups, tailoured vocal workshops and vocal training courses.

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