About Us


Essential Voice offers voice training for anyone interested in developing and mastering their voice: from professional singers & actors looking to further develop their vocal skills in performance and address personal vocal challenges, voice teachers wishing to learn more about the voice and how it works or the beginner keen to explore their vocal potential.


Our Vocal Training Courses

With an emphasis on vocal health, we offer a range of vocal training courses, workshops and private consultations to help our singers and actors reach their vocal goals. Our approach is based on the Estill Voice Model, a unique and practical voice training model grounded in voice science that has transformed our understanding of how the voice works and how it can be trained. We have been providing vocal training throughout Australasia and beyond since 2005.

Estill Certification Training

At Essential Voice, we are ‘trained to train’ with internationally recognised “ Advanced Testing Privileges” to prepare and test candidates in the Estill Model. We offer a clear certification pathway for those interested in becoming a Certified Estill Master Trainer and beyond!