The Estill Model Vocal Training

The Estill Voice Model is an approach to vocal training for singers, actors, professional speakers, business people… really anyone who uses their voice!

Essential Voice Expert Voice Training & Vocal Coaching. The Estill Voice Model is an approach to vocal training for singers, actors, professional speakers, business people… really anyone who uses their voice!Estill Voice Training empowers the student to:

  • Increase range (higher & lower)
  • Sing with more power – without vocal strain
  • Develop new vocal colours & expand repertoire options
  • Replace mystery with knowledge
  • Reduce performance anxiety – promoting performance confidence
  • Improve vocal health and stamina
  • Speak with more power & authority

While the training model can be utilised by people of all ages, experiences and backgrounds, those who chose to engage the Estill Model always find it a fresh approach to meeting their individual vocal goals.

This scientific voice model has continued to develop since Jo Estill’s pioneering work was first introduced and has continued to become the leading voice training system in both London’s West End and on Broadway. Based on scientific research and observations, it empowers the singer (and speaker) to work in any genre and find their ‘Most Comfortable Vocal Effort’ for any vocal task. With a greater understanding of how the voice actually works, long held beliefs around “breath and support” are challenged. Estill demystifies these elements and creates a practical voice training system that can be applied to help you meet your vocal goals – however big or small.

Estill teaches voluntary control of 13 parts of the vocal mechanism with a particular focus on vocal health and aesthetic freedom.

Testimonials from wonderful students of our Estill Courses

"Estill Voice Training has been a huge puzzle piece to my vocal performance. It just makes sense and makes voice work easy & reliable."

Laura, Soul & RnB vocalist, Sydney

"Estill Training is one of the most valuable experiences any singer/voice practitioner or teacher can invest in."

Peter Bodnar, Professional Singer, Teacher, Sydney

"FANTASTC course, expertly & entertainingly presented by Naomi & Jenny!"

Carla Jane McCallum, Professional singer, Singing teacher. Melbourne

Designation: Professional singer, Singing teacher. Melbourne, Australia

"I thoroughly enjoyed this [Advanced] course. The more I lear, the more questions I have, and the more I want to explore and play. The model is clear and easy to grasp and explained so clearly by both Naomi and Jenny"

Lisa-Marie Parker, Professional singer, Singing teacher, Melbourne

Designation: Professional singer, Singing teacher, Melbourne, Australia

"Few courses are this well presented. Naomi was so excellently knowledgeable and skilful"

Joel Tay, Speech Therapist & Singer, Singapore

Designation: Speech Therapist & Singer, Singapore

"Every singer should do this course. It’s a must!!"

Melinda Cronin, Singer, Adelaide, SA

Designation: Singer

"The more I explore what my voice can do the more I realise what an amazing instrument I have and with PRACTISE, as any musical instrument, I will develop more skill and…mastery"

Helen Bolton, Speech Pathologist, Western Australia

Designation: Speech Pathologist, WA

"The most important week in my singing life"

Quentin Eyers, Music producer, Composer, Musician & Singer. Adelaide, South Australia

Designation: Music producer, Composer, Musician & Singer. Adelaide, South Australia

"Naomi is a concise, detailed, patient and warm teacher who showed me how to so the things I could not do before! Thank you!"

Evan Liao, Musician & Singer, Singapore

Designation: Musician & Singer, Singapore

"Estill has completely changed my approach to and way of thinking about voice - in both my [personal] use & therapy style. I would highly recommend Estill to anybody who uses their voice, whether to sing, perform, teach or provide remediation. Love it!"

Genevieve Wells, Speech Pathologist, Western Australia

Designation: Speech Pathologist

"This course continues to be one of the most empowering & inspiring experiences in my vocal life. Naomi’s style & approach is inclusive, supportive clear…and fun! I’m hungry for more…"

Rosie Hosking, Singer, Musician, Lecturer in Voice, AC Arts, Adelaide

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Designation: Singer, Musician, Lecturer