Estill Figure Proficiency Training Course

starting July 2022




Welcome to the Estill Voice Certification Pathway where participants practice the Figures and conditions to develop isolated control of the vocal tract structures and prepare for Estill Figure Proficiency examination

Course Description


The course takes participants through the Figures, preparing them for EFP (Estill Figure Proficiency examination) which is entry-level Estill certification ( a prerequisite for Estill Master Trainer).

You'll receive detailed instruction and feedback to refine your practice and develop a deeper personal experience of the Estill Model. You'll also learn how to use & read Voiceprint Plus™ for effective biofeedback, developing troubleshooting skills to avoid common pitfalls.

Presented by one of the world's most experienced Estill Mentor and Course Instructors with a support team of qualified, expert teachers. 

What to expect from this Course

The course is delivered in a variety of ways to support you with your practice and mastery of the Figures:

 Fortnightly group practice:  These sessions offer a structured program through Estill Voice Training.  2 groups will run concurrently (Monday evening & Sunday afternoons) so that there is flexibility throughout the course and each session is a minimum of 1.5 hours.

 Video recording: A video recording of each session will be available online for viewing throughout the course.

 Course portal: In addition, you'll have access to a dedicated online course portal with extra relevant information, examples of Figures on voiceprint, and video. 

 Feedback: There are ongoing opportunities for feedback outside practice groups where you can submit your figure practice for review and comments to help you stay on track.

Practice the Figures - Experience the Model

Held over 8 months and 18 sessions, participants will receive detailed instruction and feedback to refine their practise, increase kinaesthetic awareness master their differentiated vocal control, and develop a deeper personal experience of the Estill Model.


Places on this course are strictly limited to ensure that all students receive detailed personal feedback, guidance and support.

  • Course duration: 8 months
  • Dates:  24th July 2021 - 27th March 2023 (Sunday afternoon or Monday evenings fortnightly) 
  • Cost: 
    $1881.00 (AUD) - one-time payment  ($99 discount) or 
    AUD1980.00 - weekly ($55 x 36)) or monthly payment plan ($198 x 10) 
Prerequisite: Participants must have completed at least one full Estill Course: Levels 1 & 2: Figures for Voice™ & Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities™

Here's what participants say about this course: 

"Excellent. Almost perfectly constructed to produce genuine progress over time."

"EFP training has been immensely useful and eye opening, not only for singing but every day vocal use. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to develop their instrument."


"Fantastic, excellent format"